Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

Jan 25th 2019

Showering a bride is one of the best ways to celebrate an upcoming wedding! Our wedding event invitation can be found here, and below are some frequently asked questions we receive about the etiquette surrounding invitations to bridal showers.

When should I send the bridal shower invitation?

It's best to send bridal shower invitations about 4 weeks in advance. This provides plenty of time for guests to clear their calendar, without being too far in advance that they might accidentally forget about it.

What should be included in the bridal shower invitation?
If you are having a "themed" shower, do not forget to include special instructions so the guests can bring their required item to the shower. Although some may find it ill-mannered, many guests appreciate a small note that includes the store names at which the bride and groom are registered. For a lingerie shower, you should include the bride's sizes. Lastly, be sure to enclose directions to the shower and a phone number to call in case people get lost.

Who should I invite to the bridal shower?
The person/people hosting the shower should do the inviting with the bride's assistance (of course). A good place to start is the bride and groom's wedding invitation list. If at all possible, do not invite anyone to the shower that will not also be invited to the wedding (except for very special circumstances such as a destination wedding).

Traditionally, you are supposed to invite only people who personally know the bride. However, in today's world, it is not uncommon for the future mother-in-law and close family/friends of the fiancĂ© to be invited as an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the bride. Several guests may live too far to travel to the shower; however they would more than likely appreciate the thought of being invited.

Who should host the bridal shower?
Traditionally, it is the maid or matron of honor. Today, a bridal shower is sometimes hosted by very close friends to the bride or the mother of the bride. The mother of the bride should never host the shower, but she can help with the arrangements or by preparing food if the shower is hosted at someone's home.

One bridal shower invitation or two?
In general, the rule is one invitation per person. So if you are inviting roommates, then each should receive their own invitation. If men are invited (i.e. a couples shower), then one invitation per couple will suffice.

I'm having more than one bridal shower - can I invite the same guests twice?
It is not unusual for a bride to have more than one shower. If so, try to avoid inviting the same guests. If it is unavoidable, be sure to let those guests know that you do not expect another gift from them - their presence is what matters to you.

What about thank you notes after the bridal shower?
Yes, thank you notes should be written, by the bride, as soon after the shower as possible, and most certainly before the wedding (if at all possible). Be sure to write the thank you note on cards with your maiden name on it. Stationery with your married name should not be used until after the wedding.

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