Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

NoteworthyNotes greatly appreciates your business. We stand 100% behind delivering your product, exactly as you ordered it, in a timely manner. We have implemented multiple safeguards - such as confirmation emails, requiring proofs in some instances, and Associates who carefully review each order before submitting it for processing - to ensure we deliver products accurately.

We hope you appreciate that the products we sell are highly personalized. Therefore, personalized products, once delivered, cannot be returned. However, if you discover a problem with your order, contact us immediately at If the error was the fault of NoteworthyNotes or one of our vendors, we will replace the product at no cost to you. Unfortunately, sometimes errors occur because our customers inaccurately enter information into our ordering pages. If that is the case, we will try to catch the error before processing the order, but if we do not, we can often have the order redone at a discounted price.

Again, our business is to ensure you are satisfied. If you are not, please tell us; we want to hear from you. If at anytime you have questions about our return policy, please contact us.

In-Store Pickup

If the item(s) you ordered had the option for in-store pickup, please note that the shipping will be charged and then refunded once the order is processed by one of our staff. If you ordered items that are both for in-store pickup and from an outside vendor, your shipping will be reduced but not fully refunded as there is a shipping fee from our vendor.


Noteworthy is excited to announce a new — and much simpler — shipping price policy. Shipping is calculated based on the total value of your order. Please refer to the tables below for shipping costs.

Shipping to 48 Contiguous United States

Total Amount Purchased Shipping Cost
Up to $25 $8.95
Up to $50 $10.95
Up to $100 $12.95
Up to $150 $14.95
$150 and over $18.95


Shipping to Alaska/Hawaii

Total Amount Purchased Shipping Cost
Up to $25 $33.95
Up to $50 $35.95
Up to $100 $37.95
Up to $150 $39.95
$150 and over $43.95